Additional Client Reviews


"Helen consistently and promptly handles all inquiries and logistical issues in this ever changing and confusing health marketplace."

 Jeff Wagner, MD & MBA – Weston, CT  1/30/2017


"Helen is an oustandingly knowledgeable, efficient, and accessible broker. She helped me resolve a very difficult and urgent health insurance issue, and she did it with tons of skill and remarkable compassion. I got an optimal outcome which I'd never have gotten without her involvement. I am very grateful to Helen and to the trusted colleague who shared her contact."

 Gaiane Kazariants, PhD Psychologist - NY, NY  1/18/2021



"Helen is always receptive and provides tremendous insight into all facets of the industry."

Dr. Kalvin Block – Milford, CT  1/19/2017

"Helen is a pleasure to work with. She has expertise in all areas of the insurance industry, and has helped me, my colleagues, and family in many important ways. Her effort and availability are unmatched and I feel very fortunate to have her as a key resource."

Dr. Kalvin Block - Milford, CT  7/25/2016



"The BEST in the business! Helen is as expert as friendly and helpful, and always up to date in the latest twists and turns of the insurance industry. Onward!"

Charles Scribner, III – New York, NY  1/4/2017

"She is the best in the business! From annuities to medical to ...what begins with z? I can vouch for over a dozen years of happy experience. Onward!"

Charles Scribner, III - New York, NY  11/18/2015



Dr. Jacob Aftel - Lakeville, CT  7/28/2016



"Extremely professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. Highly recommend!"

Julie Buffington – New York, NY  9/5/2017