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Life Insurance

LIFE insurance pays your beneficiaries tax-free death benefits and, if your policy is set up properly, the proceeds can be excluded from estate taxes and can pass outside the probate process directly to your heirs.

Life insurance is tax "friendly" in a number of ways. With whole life and universal life policies, you'll have cash values grow tax-free and, through the loan provision, you'll be able to access a substantial portion of your accumulated cash as a tax-free distribution (during your own lifetime) for whatever your needs - emergency funds, childrens' college tuition, or retirement income.

HAF Insurance provides guidance and advice on the full range of fixed life insurance policies - including Term Life, Universal Life, Indexed Life, Whole Life, and Survivorship Life Insurance. If desired, Helen will work with your estate planning attorney and accountant to make certain your life insurance program is expertly coordinate with your estate and tax planning.

Life insurance is nuanced. That is why Helen offers expert advice and assistance in getting you the best insurance program(s) for your needs. In the meantime, to help you get started, you are welcome to visit (anytime day or night) our service for estimates on "personalized" life insurance quotes. 

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